Summertime Glow & Lips to Match

Long summer days and nights are finally upon us, and, with them, some beauty quandaries that can’t be solved by hiding under a winter coat and hat (NOT that we miss the winter!).  By now we’re all skilled at transitioning from “day to evening” on a workday, but a stylish segway is harder to pull off if you’ve spent the day beachside.  We’ll leave the wardrobing up to you (though might we recommend a bikini bag, if you don’t already have one) and focus on the summer style secret we know best: your lipstick!

We love classic summer dresses as much as anyone, but wintertime wardrobes do have one distinct advantage over their warm weather counterparts: pockets!  Lipstick is just as transformative as a pair of heels – and it takes up way less room in your tote bag, making it the season’s ultimate day-to-evening essential.  Read on to see which shades we recommend to get you from surf to turf, in style.


Even if a full face is your typical daytime look, it can feel a bit out of place on the beach, and your contour stands little chance against a day of sun and sea.  Though waterproof mascara might feel sufficiently glam for a day in the waves, it’s still significantly riskier – and less versatile – than changing up your lipstick color.  If you’re going for a classic, retro feel, throwing on a bright red with some cat-eye shades and your favorite patterned bathing suit is a cute and quick route to activity-appropriate makeup.  Noyah’s arsenal includes two great beachside brights: empire red and dolled up, a classic red and a vibrant coral, perfect for brightening up an otherwise low-key complexion.

Sunset Glow

Always take advantage of beautiful beach day beauty payoffs.  Sun-kissed skin and tousled beach waves are especially convenient if you’re rushing to an elegant evening event, and, depending on your style, the right lipstick color may just be all you need to achieve a polished evening look in a pinch.  If you want to add a pop of color to your complexion, try a deep shade to make a refined statement, like a burgundy or plum.  If you’re game to try the ultimate chic option, go nude!  Few things complement a beach-day glow quite like a nude lip.  A matte beige like Wink is perfect for warmer skin tones and pulls a look together without overwhelming it.  Cooler tones will get a similar benefit from Hazelnut Cream, the ultimate “MLBB” shade to infuse your pout with some subtle shimmer.  If you want some extra shine, look no further than the aptly named Summertime Peach, a natural peach gloss with the perfect balance of sultry and shiny.

We hope our tips help you kick off a beautiful summer.  Now you just have to figure out what to wear!