1. Ingredients
    1. Are your products gluten free?
      Our products don't contain gluten or any of the major allergens (milk, wheat, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, or shellfish). However they may be produced on equipment that produces other products that contain these allergens, so we cannot make any official claims that the finished product is free of them. That said, we clean our equipment extremely well before use utilizing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
    2. Are your products vegan?

      Our products contain ethically sourced beeswax (which makes your lips feel so awesome), so they are not officially vegan. Our ingredients aside from beeswax are vegan.

      We love all animals, including our buzzing bee friends, so our beeswax is sourced from farmers who are committed to preserving their bees’ health and habitat. They’re often from 3rd or 4th generation family owned farms, and they take pride in providing consistently high quality wax without danger to the bees or their daily activities. Typically, the collection of the wax takes place either in organized apiaries or the wild, where farmers monitor hives to make sure their bees are healthy and fed even during droughts and winter months, thereby ensuring the strongest possible brood. Most of these farmers also take part in ongoing research funded by governments and universities around the world to study and develop even better ways to handle bees and keep them healthy, strong and in their natural state.

      Beeswax and honey are a renewable and natural product of nature. Bees will continue to pollinate and produce honey and wax along with new generations of bees. It is up to humans protect their habitat, allowing bees to be bees.

    3. Do you use nanoparticles in your products??
      We use non-micronized versions of titanium dioxide and other minerals.
    4. Are your products cruelty free?
      Our products are cruelty-free, and we never test our products on animals!
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