Soak Up The Sun (Safely) & Other Seasonal Transition Beauty Tips

Spring is officially in the air! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping…and you’re probably not wearing enough sunscreen. Read on for seasonal transition beauty tips that’ll help you amplify your glow and look your best this spring.

Use the most common anti-aging ingredient!
UV radiation increases the fastest in early spring when your skin is still low on melanin. While you might be able to skate by using a foundation with SPF in the wintertime, you’ll need to amp up your sun protection regimen as soon as springtime hits, even if it’s still technically sweater weather. Use SPF 30 or higher, and make sure you check the expiration date on any sun protection you dig out of winter storage.

Keep exfoliating
Dry, flaky, winter skin makes it tough to forget to exfoliate, but keeping it up in the spring will benefit both your complexion and your pocketbook. Even though your skin might be hydrated enough for makeup to apply smoothly without scrubbing regularly, dead skin cells on the surface decrease the efficacy of your skincare products, causing you to go plow through your favorite serums and moisturizers faster than usual with fewer results.

Use lighter products
Once indoor heat is turned off and the wind chill decreases, you can cut back on the heavy creams your skin needed to survive the winter. Swap your intense AM moisturizer out with a lighter one, and use a serum with hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain moisture throughout the day.

Use the time you save by not having to layer clothing in the morning to accessorize with items that keep sun damage at bay. The right wide-brimmed hat can take your springtime outfit to the next level, AND keep your face in the shade no matter where you are. UV rays are among the leading causes of cataracts, so grab some stylish shades that shield your eyes from harmful rays.

Got it? Now, go forth and enjoy the sunshine, safely and in style.