Noyah’s new wardrobe

We’re getting pretty excited about bamboo here at noyah’s headquarters. And no, it’s not because we’re an office full of pandas (Although that would be adorable).

We’re pleased to announce the new packaging for our lipsticks and glosses now incorporates bamboo! This is a big deal because we use about 60% less plastic in our lipstick packaging, making it far more earth friendly. Plus we may be biased, but check out how cute they came out 🙂

Here’s a couple of bamboo facts for you:

Bamboo is the fastest growing wood-like plant on the planet. It’s described as wood-like because it is in fact a grass that behaves like a wood. Unlike regular hard wood that takes 30-50 years to reach maturity, bamboo takes only 3-5 years until it is ready for harvest, therefore making it a very renewable resource. It can grow up to 35 inches in just one day, so cutting down bamboo doesn’t contribute to deforestation. As the knowledge spreads about the benefits of bamboo as a renewable resource, more products are becoming available everyday. So we thought, why not lipstick?


Thanks for reading! We hope you like our updated packaging as much as we do.

Our newly packaged lipsticks and glosses are available now on our website