How a daily exercise routine can make your skin glow!

We all know that exercise is amazing for our body for so many reasons, but it seems that not many of us realize how great it is for our skin too! Makeup works wonders for concealing and enhancing our natural beauty, but nothing is better than naturally clear skin. One good sweat every day truly makes a difference in our complexion. Here’s how:

  • Exercising makes us sweat. And sweating helps the body clear toxins that can clog pores and pester our skin with pimples and other types of blemishes. Less pimples means less reason to pick at our face, which could possibly cause scarring, thereby leaving it nice and flawless. (Yay!)
  • When we exercise, our muscles get toned, which in turn helps the skin look tighter. This is also helpful for those looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • It gets the blood flowing! And increased blood flow brings more oxygen to the skin. Along with a boost in blood flow and oxygen to the skin come other sources of nourishment that enhance the skin’s health. When our skin is healthy it releases natural oils that won’t require the use of as much moisturizer. (Winter is coming, and for most of us winter is also bringing dry skin season with it!)

So the next time you’re wondering what it is that can help your skin clear up, or wondering why all those expensive facials aren’t quite helping, try putting on those tennis shoes and going about it the natural way – exercise!