Brush It Away

I know you brush your hair. I know (and hope!) you brush your teeth. But did you know you can brush your……drum roll……wait for it…..SKIN?

Dry Brushing! Super simple, cleanses the body, and feels extremely refreshing.


Here’s the scoop: Your skin is the largest organ in the human body and is all about elimination. You know how they say “you are what you eat,” well, one third of your body’s toxins get excreted through your skin. Many of the toxins can become trapped over time, and dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system to release these toxins. Even more: dry brushing the body reduces puffiness and cellulite and improves muscle tone. Win-win-win.


Let’s get started:


  1. Get yourself a natural bristle brush, look for a long handle so you can reach everywhere including your own backside. Usually these brushes are made of some type of wood – we prefer bamboo. You know we love our bamboo 🙂
  2. We like to start first thing in the morning, right before a shower. That way you can stand in the tub and no dry skin particles get sloughed onto your floor. Nobody wants that.
  3. Always start at your feet and work your way UP. Using gentle circular motions, brush towards your heart. It’s the best for circulation and your lymphatic system <3
  4. From your feet, work your way up the legs, then to your hands and up the arms. Continue by reaching behind and doing the buttocks and up the back, then around to the tummy. Please skip using this brush on your chest and face because the skin in these areas are much too thin and sensitive.
  5. When you’ve finished brushin’ that bod, turn on the shower and rinse as per usual. After you are all dry and squeaky clean, apply a natural body oil like rose hip, coconut, etc.
  6. Remember to clean your body brush with soap and warm water, and hang it somewhere clean to dry.


Tis’ perfect for the season, as winter leaves our skin dull, dry, and flaky (all words to describe my personality, just kidding). This is SUCH a lovely way to treat yourself a few times a week.


Smooth, soft, glowing skin.  Enjoy!