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Goodness is the feeling you get from things that are good for you and good for the world around you. And unlike a lot of other feelings, goodness isn’t complicated. In fact, if you’ve found this page, chances are you received some goodness, in the form of our super simple, super awesome lip balm. Yum!

What’s Good?

Our balm is:
- Natural & USDA Certified Organic
- USDA Certified Biobased (fancy way of describing a radiocarbon decay analysis proving carbon in our product is natural)
- Everything-free (cruelty/gluten/preservative/paraben/sulphate)
- Made in the USA
- In 88% PCR (post consumer recycled) packaging
- Donated to the homeless each time you post a photo of your balm and include #livedivinely @noyahcosmetics

goodness top banner
goodness top banner

Beautiful Inside...

We discovered that keeping lips nourished only requires a few simple ingredients – and they’re ones you probably already know and love (or are about to!):
Coconut oil: this fab natural moisturizer not only helps lips lock in moisture, it also has antimicrobial properties that promote healing of dry, chapped lips
Beeswax: if bees have lips, they must be seriously soft and smooth, thanks to the natural emulsifiers and antibacterial properties found in beeswax
Extra virgin olive oil: nutrient-rich natural moisturizer to nourish lips and keep your pout smooth and supple
Natural flavoring: because it tastes awesome!
Natural sweetener: for a hint of sweetness
*all ingredients are certified organic :)

...And Out!

Our balms come in 88% post consumer recycled packaging, because good things come in earth friendly packages

Keep A Good Thing Going!

There's plenty more goodness where our awesome balms came from. (Translation: We make lots of other cool products too!) Amp up your lip-care routine with products like our food-grade lip scrub (made in a kitchen, not a cosmetic plant!) which gently exfoliates for a flake-free pout. Follow that up with our lip balm to create the perfect canvas for lip color, like our natural lipstick and lip gloss!

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